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And the big winners are….

Congratulations to the winners of 2 tickets to see the movie “Sur le Rythme”.

Cynthia Rondeau
Julissa Sanchez
Kevin Desmarais
Catherine Thériault



A evening of cleaning turned into a night with “Ace of Bass”

By: Sébastien Roy

Last night, while cleaning the appartment, I noticed my friend Guillaume’s status on facebook that announced his visit at the Corona Theater for the performance of the Swedish group ”Ace of Bass“. This brought back many musical memories so I jumped into a taxi to join him.
The show started around 8:30pm, with their hit The Sign.

The group then played success after success (Life is a FlowerLucky LoveCruel Summer and Wheel of Fortune), and also played excerpts from their more recent album such as The Golden RatioAll for you and Blah, blah, blah On the Radio.

After performing All that she wants, the crowd was quick to request a callback and the group has spoiled us with Don’t turn AroundNever Gonna say Sorry and two other songs. The very last song of the show, Beautiful Life brought a huge reaction from all of us, since we long awaited to hear that hit.

The music of Ace of Base is classified as “pop” and sometimes compared to others Scandinavian groups like ABBARoxette and Aqua.

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry consider them as an influence and, admittedly, the pieces of Ace of Bass remain successful pop that is a pleasure to hear again.


Trend: Men in the kitchen

Seeing the success of chefs as Louis-François Marcotte, Daniel Vézina or Ricardo, more and more men begin to cook and are interested in everything related to the table.

They are sexy, relaxed and very comfortable at handling two, three and sometimes four pots at the same time. Gentlemen, it is not enough to settle down at the table with a drink, you must now impress the guests by preparing a menu made ​​from local products, low in salt, seasoned with spices from India or Sri Lanka and decorate your dish with an edible flower. Everything on your plate should have its purpose and its story. You must find out where each product is from and how it was grown and harvested.

If you are a man and you do not cook, we suggest you learn quickly.

Here are some good examples of cookbooks and television programs that will help you be part of the new trend.

TV Shows (in french)
L’Effet Vézina : de père en chef – Zeste TV
Bouffe en cavale – Canal Évasion
Les Touilleurs – ARTV

Books (in french)
Louis-François Marcotte – Sexy cuisiner pour deux
Patrice Demers – La carte des desserts
François Chartier – Papilles et molécules

A new way to see the pink balls in the village

Here’s a new look on the pink balls and Montreal’s gay village




The Lady Gaga phenomenon in 4 minutes!

The Lady Gaga phenomenon in 4 minutes!

Video directed and edited by Patrick Péris.